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The cleanest and purest form of smokeable THC

So you've heard of the newest way to smoke weed extracts - THC weed wax shatter - and now you want to buy thc weed wax and try it yourself. Well you are at the right place. I have been experimenting with different forms of THC weed wax for over a year now and have three strains available at this time for you to consider. I have gone through the process of extracting the gooey good stuff from scratch myself just to learn what it really is and how it is made, but the THC weed wax for sale here at BuyWeedToronto.ca is all made by more experienced professional producers wearing lab coats and taking their job very seriously. What they manage to produce is considered by many today to be the best THC weed wax out there.

Anyone who knows what they are talking about would agree that THC Weed Wax is the cleanest and purest and highest concentrate of THC you can smoke.

To buy weed wax from me, just registered below for your two minute consultation call or call me right now at 647-846-7356 and I'll set you up as soon as I confirm you are of age and of sound mind. (see below for how that works.)

Technically THC weed wax is a BHO - a Butane Honey Oil - the essential cannabis plant oil extracted using Butane as a solvent. Using Butane instead of just boiling the marijuana material in alcohol results in a much cleaner extract. You get a lot less for the amount of weed but it is much better smoking and much stronger in THC content.


Things You Must Know About Weed Wax

There are a couple important things you need to know before you try this stuff for the first time...

This stuff is strong! THC weed wax is the highest concentration of THC you will ever get your hands on. It can be as high as 80 to 98% pure THC. So go at it very small to start. Like the name suggests, just a dab will do you. Do not operate heavy machinery after this stuff - or anything for that matter. Good luck operating your body let alone anything else.

Secondly, do not buy off just anybody. A lot of people are jumping into producing THC weed wax and do not really know how to do it right. There is wax shatter out there that has zero parts per million contamination and then there is weed wax shatter that has as high as 50,000 parts per million, and everything in between. If the THC wax you are offered is black or dark brown then it has not been made correctly and contains some plant materials still. Stuff like that will not have the same effect as the honey-coloured was shatter you get from me. Also, many amateurs will use Butane bought at the corner store as lighter fluid. This form of Butane contains Benzene which is a known cancer causing chemical. It can be flushed out later on in the process, but not all makers know that this is critical to do. You need to be able to trust your manufacturer of THC weed wax is an experienced professional.

Note: There is a simple test you can do to make sure your THC weed wax is at least reasonable stuff. Just heat up a drop of it on a pin or mail tip. If it makes any sounds, pops, fizzes, or crackles or if it bubbles up then it wasn't made right and still contains some impurities. It should just burn off clean and silent. (ref.)

Thirdly, don't try making it yourself. The process of using Butane to extract the THC is dangerous in that the stuff is highly explosive. There are many stories in the newspapers lately about amateurs blowing up their homes and faces trying to make THC weed wax. Unless you are well versed in chemical laboratory details and experience, let the professionals to it for you. (ref.)


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Weed Shatter Wax
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What is the difference between THC oil, THC wax, THC shatter and THC dab?

To be honest these names are pretty much interchangeable and refer to the same thing - BHO THC concentrates. The difference lies in the physical form that these extract can take. THC oil is a thick viscous honey-coloured oil. THC weed wax is thicker than the oil and, you guess it, has the consistency of wax. The name "dab" refers usually to this wax-like version because you only need a little "dab" of it to get the effects you want. THC Shatter refers to the same stuff but when it takes on a taffy-like translucent form. It literally shatters like glass when you break it up.

Is one any better than the other? I have personally found the shatter versions to hold the most bang for the buck. For this reason, the THC weed wax for sale at my web site are all closer to THC shatter than THC wax or THC oil.


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THC Weed Wax Dabbing Rigs

So how do you smoke THC Weed Wax, THC Shatter, or THC Dab?

There are several ways different people smoke this new high concentrate THC extract product. There are pens you can buy made specifically for dabs. But they are not cheap and they vary in quality. I've thrown a couple out already. Then there's home-made water pipes and such. But the best way to do your THC weed wax is with a dabbing rig. Spend the money and get a good one. Something like what you see to the left here. I have just such a rig and it really is the only way to go. I hardly smoke any other way these days. so, other than having to test the new strains of marijuana that come in for me to decide if I will carry them of not, I pretty much stick to dabs on my rig for personal use.

Types Of Shatter Weed Wax We Sell

You won't find many out there offering multiple strains of shatter weed wax. But I have right now three killer strains for you to try.

OG God Shatter Weed Wax - Made from OG God, a cross between OG Kush and stinky, resinous God Bud skunk, this shatter is a bit darker in colour than the pure Sativa wax. It tastes and smells like pure heaven just like it's yummy parent plants. Now squeeze out 80% or more THC concentrate and you have a very potent dab.

White Kush Shatter Weed Wax - Made from White Kush, a pure Indica with Afghan Kush and White Widow parentage, this shatter is dark in colour (but still with that nice honey translucent look). It has a real heavy Indica hit that will have you melting into your couch and forgetting all your worries. It may also help you forget your pain and anxiety issues. Great stuff for zoning out completely.

Grapefruit Shatter Weed Wax - Made from Grapefruit Sativa this THC weed wax shatter is light in colour but heavy in effects. It still is Sativa and so be ready to talk your friends' ears off with a truly energizing stimulating buzz. It tastes quite sweet and fruity just like the Grapefruit weed but it is now 80-98% pure THC so even better. Great for battling headaches according to one of my customers.


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Buying Shatter Online in Toronto

In the big city you have a lot of options out there for buying almost anything. But if you read my honest warnings above and do your research, you will agree that to buy THC wax shatter on the street or from anyone who is just making it themselves is taking a big risk. I strongly suggest you stick to the professionals when buying weed wax. The good people who manufacture the THC extracts I offer have been at it from the beginning of the THC extract phenomenon and are very proud of producing the cleanest and most pure THC extracts money can buy. They really are the Walter Whites of THC weed wax shatter.

So not only will you be getting high quality weed wax, you will be getting it delivered by a professional bonded driver directly to your location. It is packaged in an odour-free discrete padded Canada Post Xpress Post envelop. It looks just like any other package Canada Post might deliver. Discretion is key for you and for me. If you live in the city or close to it then you should expect to get your weed wax delivered within 2 to 3 days of your order. There really is no better way to buy weed wax online. The THC weed wax for sale at BuyWeedToronto.ca is second to none, and it comes to you instead of you having to hunt it down in less than desirable locations.

So to get your hands on the best weed wax available we need to first sign you up and get your order. This process includes a short 1 to 2 minute consultation call before anything gets mailed your way. Call me now at 647-846-7356 or sign up here and I'll call you back.

What's the Consulting Call All About?

It's fantastic that today Canadians can buy THC weed wax online and have it delivered anywhere in the country. But it is critical that those of us in the business police ourselves responsibly when it comes to age limits. I will not sell any weed products to minors. Ever! That is why I need to first talk one-on-one with you to make sure you are of age and of sound mind. I don't want to deal with losers (no matter how old) living in their parents' basement spending food money on drugs. The call will also allow me to better understand what it is you want to accomplish with my marijuana products. Do you just want to get high or do you have issues like chronic pain, or anxiety, or do you need to get some enthusiasm and motivation for creative pursuits? All these are possible with marijuana products. Let me know. Be honest and I will make sure you get exactly what you want to spend your hard-earned money on. Once I know you are someone I would like to do business with you then place your order on my web site or send me an email with the details.

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