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Whats with the consultation call anyway?

I have no interest in working with kids or the unproductive sloths of society. With a two minute consultation call I can figure out if you are someone I want to work with, but also it allows me to find out what types of weed you like best. I specialize in high grade kush but always have at least one strain of Sativa for all you recreational stoners who like the energetic high withough the sluggish effects of CBD's.

We send your weed to you in the mail the same day of your order. Your package is obviously smell proof, and is very descrete and looks like any other parcel that comes in the mail. We have been operating this weed service in Toronto and other Canadian cities for over three years with no issues at all other then the rising cost of high grade marijuana.

If you are a professional mature adult Canadian, buy your weed in Toronto and have it delivered via mail order. Its the best way to get a high quality product every single time you order with delivery 100% guaranteed.