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If you want to buy weed in Brampton Ontario you need to know about online marijuana mail order. Yes there are a couple fantastic cafe's to go and smoke up and buy all your marijuana accessories, but you better not try to buy weed anywhere near these respectable operations. The first one to definitely know about is Friendly Stranger at 241 Queens St. The second one is The Wee Smoke Shop down at 63 Main St North. The Wee Smoke Shop is the coolest place around. The heritage building dates back to the 1850's and the owner, Peeyush Gupta, has a mission to make it the best come-to location in Brampton. And it is.

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Downtown Brampton Ontario
http://buyweedtoronto.ca Buy Weed Toronto Want to buy weed in Brampton? Go to http://buyweedtoronto.ca and register.

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Grow-ops Here to Stay in Brampton

Remember the story about the neighbourhood that didn't like the smell of pot coming out of a grow-op house but were told to live with it by the cops? Great little video showing exactly how cool this country is (slowly) becoming with regards to marijuana. Here's the clip worth a watch.

And remember last year when one of the majors in this new exciting industry, Canadian Cannabis Corporation, bought a huge 300,000 square foot warehouse on Rutherford Road for almost $14 million. Honestly, if you buy stocks and have some patience CCC on TSX has done it's silly initial jump to $10 but is now building a good base around $5 and has recently dipped below $4. I got some. Smart people will get a piece of the action now before this industry inevitably explodes.


What Goodies We Offer

We have a great selection of the top Kush/Indica strains as well the better varieties of Sativa. All the top brand names: Blueberry Kush, Blue Cheese, OG - we got them and you will have a hard time finding anything better. Especially if you're sitting on your couch in Brampton. We also carry a great line of marijuana extract products: hash, oil, and now Weed Wax. What is wax? Also called 'tab' because jsut a little dab will do you, and 'shatter' since it can form into taffy-like translusient shards, weed wax can contain as much as 98% THC. That's powerful stuff! In fact it is not recommended for novice smokers.

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Buying Weed Online in Brampton Ontario

Brampton is a super cool place full of potheads and smoke shops; but trying to score quality weed is always a challenge . Well not anymore. You can buy the best of the best BC Bud from BuyWeedToronto.ca and have it delivered by Canada Post directly to your door. No more hanging around the street in the cold, or even getting into your car to drive through the snow to a dealer who (I'm assuming here) is never 100% dependable. We consider our service to be one that makes it safer and easier to buy pot and pot products anywhere in Canada.

Juat call us at 647-846-7356 or sign up on this page and we will call you back for a short "consulting call" to set things up and make sure we are on the same page (see below).

Why the Consulting Call?

I will not sell anything to minors. That is why I need to hear your voice in a short 2 minute phone call to figure out if you are of age and a responsible adult. No spending your rent money on pot, ok? The call also allows me to discover what you want my products to accomplish: pain relief, anti-depression, enthusasm, creativity, mood stabilizing, or just getting wasted with the best marijuana BC has to offer. Call now and we will have your order in and out within 1 to 2 days.

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Areas Of Toronto We Deliver Weed