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Buy Weed Toronto Ontario

Buy Weed in Toronto and have it delivered by a professional bonded delivery driver. That's right! A legally bonded delivery person. Order the best quality weed you have ever had the opportunity to buy and have it discretely packaged and delivered to your door. Don't ever wait in the cold for an unreliable weed dealer again, subscribe now or call 1-888-314-5827

Buy Weed Toronto | 1-888-314-5827 Buy Weed Toronto Want to buy weed in Toronto? Go to and register. Toronto is Canada's largest city and finding good weed to smoke can be dangerous...


How to Buy Weed in Toronto and Have it Delivered by Mail


These days buying weed on the streets is pretty risky. First of all, you don't know where the weed came from, and you have no idea if its any good. You will find weed in many spots around Toronto but where do you go 100% of the time to get weed in this city? Have you ever heard of a weed dealer that shows you the weed and lets you ask other people who already smoked it how it was before trying it? Never in a million years right? Well now you have control of where you buy weed and what type you buy. Chose from Indica, Sativa, Hash, and THC Extracts of all types for your dabbing needs.

If you live in Toronto and need to get weed, subscribe below for your consultation. Ordering weed from us is as easy as buying wine online.

If you have lived in Toronto for many years, you probably already have a great connection for weed. But have you ever tried 100% Genuine Professionally Grown BC Bud from the Province's finest marijuana farmers? Our marijuana farming connections are by far the highest quality and most advanced in the country. We guarantee the best quality weed products shipped directly from Vancouver Canada to Toronto, Ontario. We offer 1st Class Priority shipping and Xpress Post on all orders. If you would like to purchase weed in Toronto now subscribe below.

Areas Of Toronto We Deliver Weed


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What's with the consultation call anyway?

I have no interest in working with kids or the unproductive sloths of society. With a two minute consultation call I can figure out if you are someone I want to work with, but also it allows me to find out what types of weed you like best. I specialize in high grade kush but always have at least one strain of Sativa for all you recreational stoners who like the energetic high without the sluggish effects of CBD's.

We send your weed to you in the mail the same day of your order. Your package is obviously smell proof, and is very discrete and looks like any other parcel that comes in the mail. We have been operating this weed service in Toronto and other Canadian cities for over three years with no issues at all other than the rising cost of high grade marijuana.

If you are a professional mature adult Canadian, buy your weed in Toronto and have it delivered via mail order. It's the best way to get a high quality product every single time you order with delivery 100% guaranteed.

Types Of Weed We Cary

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Indica: Our Indica's consist of a variety of Kush. Kush is the most potent Indica grown here in BC. The old BC skunk is nice, but not as potent as the Kush produced today. Some Kush produced in British Columbia has upwards of 26%+ THC and up to 1% CBD. The ability to buy high grade Kush in Toronto is now available to all residents and visitors. Please remember if you got to Toronto on any type of public transit that you finish or trash your unused marijuana as taking it on public transportation especially an airplane will get you in serious trouble. City transit i.e.: "Bus, Skytrain, WaterTaxi, etc" is fine though as long as it doesn't stink.

Sativa: We usually have at least one Sativa in stock. The Sativas are usually more popular with the artistic and energetic type people. Using sativa marijuana gives you an uplifting high that energizes you and fills your head with all types of creative thoughts and inspires you to actually do them instead of just thinking about it locked into the couch. Having a little sativa in the morning or on the weekends is a great way to start the day. And on that Sunday morning where you can barely get out of bed from the night before... Take a few tokes and whammo, you will be alive like you were about 14 hrs ago.

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Types of Marijuana Extracts We Cary

Hash: Our hash is the highest quality taken from clean trimmings and little buds. We separate the keif "Crystal with little or no THC in it" and only use the HIGH GRADE crystal with a dark colour indicating high thc/cbd content. The hash is made with nothing but cold water, ice, and different sized mesh. No chemicals are used and is 100% natural. Smoking hash is the preferred method for myself personally because its more efficient and takes up less space.

THC Weed Wax: Weed Wax is a highly concentrated THC usually about 80% - 98% and is refereed to by the term "Dabs" meaning you only need a little. This is true as the high THC concentration will get any person high with a dab the size of a piece of uncooked rice. This makes it the most potent form of weed extract and gets you higher than any other marijuana product produced to date.


Next time you want to order some primo High Grade Marijuana, Hash, or THC Weed Wax, please contact us at or subscribe below for a telephone consultation.

Real Facts About Students That Use Cannabis In Ontario (BIG FN NO NO IN MY PERSONAL OPINION)

In Canada about 44% say they have used marijuana at least once in their life. A study was done is 2005 where 26.5% of students in grades 7 - 12 said they have used cannabis in the last year and over 30% said they have tried it at least once. In Ontario, females are 68% less likely to use marijuana and same with the territories. In the Northern section of Ontario about 33% of students use cannabis, where about 29% use it in Western Ontario. The percentage of grade 7 students who are trying marijuana for the first time is rising alarmingly mainly due to the fact it's much more available than it was back 10 or 20 years ago when hash and oil were the primary marijuana products that sold. 10 or 20 years ago marijuana was just starting to get good in very small sections of the world, mainly due to high intensity lighting that's been around since the 50's. But for high grade hydroponically grown marijuana it's about the past 20 years that brought the THC average from 4% - 5% to over 25% in many strains. In Ontario about 12% of the overall students grade 7 - 12 use marijuana every day which equates to over 33 thousand students.

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Finding Weed In The City Of Toronto

Toronto is the second most pot friendly city in Canada. It is still illegal, but its not enforced unless you are causing trouble or people are complaining about you. You can find weed on the streets of downtown in many areas, but the Kensington market is the safest place where you can get weed from many dealers who compete for your business. If you take your time and don't buy from the first person who offers, you can usually just sit back and wait for the right bag to come your way. But the other part of this is that a lot of the dealers are from the notorious Jane & Finch area. Now this does not mean just because if your from there you are automatically carrying a gun, but its pretty likely. I don't care who you are, do you want to ever take a chance buying from the wrong person? It only takes one mistake and you can find yourself in trouble with the underworld of the largest city in Canada.

The more mature way to purchase your weed in any major city is to use an online weed dealer such as Weed dealing sites such as this one are set up by someone with a solid connection in the marijuana industry. I personally pride myself in searching for the perfect high grade Sativas and Indica's and making them available to you by mail order only. We use mail order for your weed for a few reasons:

Think of this, you go away on a long business trip and by the end of it you are tired, stressed, and just cant wait to get home. But when you get home it's probably going to be very late at nigh and nothing will be open. So why don't you order yourself some high grade weed through Xpress Post and, by the time you get home in the middle of the night, you have a super nice surprise waiting for you in your mailbox. Now, that can't be done by a local weed dealer can it? And who the heck is going to steel your mail right? Well, some areas are better than others for this.

What about that long business conference that is lasting an entire week, you can't take weed with you, but you can have it delivered to you at the Hotel :). YEP! Ensure you have it sent 1st Class Priority with a signature required and your hotel concierge will sign for your package at the front desk and have it waiting for you after your long day of listening to some old fart talk about sales projections or new policies in IT.


Areas Of Toronto We Deliver Weed




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